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Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The journey to discover realities that have been able to distinguish themselves in their reference markets continues.

Today we discover Ares Modena, a company well known for its customization and the production of special vehicles. With Andrea Donati, technical director of Ares, we explored some of the projects in which we had the opportunity to collaborate, such as the Panther Progetto Uno.

As stated by Andrea Donati, the cars and motorbikes they make are commissioned by customers with highly complex expectations that the company can meet, in some way, thanks to the support of HONPE Technology.

The attention to the smallest details, the constant search for innovative solutions, and the maximum dedication are certainly three of the elements that characterize Ares, and that fully embrace the values ​​of HONPE Technology Srl.

We are honored to be able to collaborate with a reality that can create a perfect combination between luxury, design, and performance.


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