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The versatility of the technologies at our disposal has allowed us to become a strategic partner for various companies from different sectors. Our flexibility also lies in the possibility of facing not only the prototype phase of a project but also managing batch production for the customer, thus acquiring a real transversal experience that represents a fundamental value for customers who choose our services.


Honpe Technology S.r.l boasts several collaborations in this sector, making aesthetic-functional parts for one-off and limited-run productions.


For example, we deal with all mechanical components that can be machined exclusively using CNC machines, such as braking and suspension systems, pedals, and hub brackets. In addition, all visible components require a high level of aesthetics such as logos, trims, knobs.


Furthermore, since we are able to handle transparent polymers, we supply many components for the lighting sector. 



Similarly to automotive, we are also present in the motorsport sector, thanks to our flexibility as well as our certified quality, which we guarantee in compliance with the various standards required by the market.

We are also one of the companies registered with the ANCA (Italian National Association of Motorcycles and Accessories), since we are a key supplier for all manufacturers in this sector. 



E-mobility is more and more the industrial sector that looks carefully at the future. Mechanics combined with electronics is giving young and more renowned companies the opportunity to become important players in a market that looks forward to the green mobility revolution.

We are able to manufacture, not only in prototype quantity, components such as chassis, handlebars, mudguards, frames, battery compartments. We support both multinational companies as well as start-up companies that approach this market for the first time, supporting them with our many years of experience. 



With our 300 numerical control machines, we are one of the largest companies in this field. We are able to meet the needs of the entire metalworking sector as well as that of standard metal structural work.


Through milling, turning, electrical discharge machining, laser beam machining. folding and surface treatments, we offer an all-around service that makes us a potential leader in this sector.



The development of medical equipment is a fast-growing segment, with silicone mold technology we provide a solution that is wholly specific for this sector, especially for all polymer materials (ABS, Rubber, PMMA, PA, PP).

This has allowed us to work with many companies in the Biomedical sector, with projects including: probes, drug delivery devices, sensors, and screens.



Lo sviluppo delle apparecchiature medicali e’ in forte crescita, con la tecnologia di stampo in silicone forniamo una soluzione totalmente dedicata a questo branch, in special modo per tutti i materiali polimerici (ABS, Rubber, PMMA, PA, PP).

Questo ci ha permesso di collaborare con molte realtá del settore Biomedicale, realizzando tra i